The Benefits of B12 IM Injection

I've been hearing a lot about B12! What is it exactly?

"B12" is a vitamin. Vitamin B12 mainly supports proper functioning of the brain, nervous system and the production of blood. It contributes to optimal functioning of various aspects of the brain and nervous system. Its consumption supports memory and other cognitive functions. In relation to blood, B12 is a key component for the production of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to your cells through your blood. In addition to overall health benefits, this process is important for maintaining sufficient energy levels.

Here at Skin Heaven Medical Spa, we are now offering both B12 & Lipotropic Intramuscular Injections!

Deficiency or the lack of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms include:

depression and mood disorders,


problems with memory,

anemia, low blood pressure,

and high homocysteine levels.

B12 supplementation can be achieved orally or via other means such as intramuscular injections. Intramusclar is more quickly absorbed by the body vs by oral administration.

Benefits of B12
  • Increases Energy

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Increases Metabolism and Assists in Weight Management

  • Improves Mood and Metal Alertness

  • Combats Stress and Irritability

What kind of Vitamin B12 does Skin Heaven Medical Spa use?


At Skin Heaven, we inject Methylcobalamin into a large muscle group. This is the most useable and active form in the human body. It converts homocysteine into methionine, which helps protect the cardiovascular system. Methylcobalamin also offers overall protection to the nervous system. This B-12 form can also cross the blood-brain barrier ((a highly selective permeability barrier that separates the circulating blood from the brain extracellular fluid) – without assistance–to protect brain cells. It contributes essential methyl groups needed for detoxification and to start the body’s biochemical reactions.


This synthetic version of vitamin B12 is created in a lab, which makes it the least expensive supplement option. It offers the most stable form of B12, although it does so through the presence of a cyanide molecule. While the amount of cyanide is not dangerous, it does require the body to expend energy by taking a methyl group and forcing the liver to dispose of the cyanide molecule. This version of the B12 vitamin is not used by Skin Heaven.

We use Methylcobalamin as the source of B12 at Skin Heaven for several reasons:

1. It does not contain cynanide. Cyanide prevents cells from using oxygen. When this happens, the cells die. Cyanide is more harmful to the heart and brain than to other organs because the heart and brain use a lot of oxygen.

2. Research has shown that it remains in the body for a longer period of time and at higher levels than cyanocobalamin, which means that your body is supplied with vitamin B12 for longer if you use methylcobalamin than if you use cyanocobalamin.

3. It provides additional benefits such as reduces nerve pain, improves irritability, stress and anxiety.

How often can I get a B12 shot?

There is no upper limit for the intake of vitamin B-12 because the risk of toxicity or overdose is extremely low. The recommended treatment is once weekly for 4 weeks, then every month for routine maintenance.

Mild side effects and potential risks of vitamin B12 consumption are (which should be referred to a doctor or licensed medical professional if they persist or worsen) include:

  • pain, redness, or itching at the site of the injection

  • mild diarrhea

  • swelling sensation in the body

More serious side effects, which require immediate medical attention, include:

  • muscle cramps

  • irregular heartbeat

  • unusual weakness or tiredness

  • swelling of the ankles or feet

Severe reactions are very rare but require emergency intervention. These include:

  • itching and swelling of the face, throat, or tongue

  • breathing difficulties

  • severe dizziness

  • sudden vision changes

  • slurred speech

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